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Why we prefer KNX

KNX is The only international standard for building control, backed by 30 years of building control excellence. 

KNX is like BlueTooth, but for buildings.

KNX is a protocol for the environmental control of buildings, including lighting, heating, blinds and much more. KNX products from many different manufacturers are guaranteed to ‘talk’ to each other using the language of KNX to perform different tasks.  It is like the Internet of things – for buildings.

KNX was developed in 1990 and now more than 500 manufacturers make products that comply with the KNX standard, and around 250 million KNX products have been installed around the world since then.

So, just like we expect to get the latest technology in any new car we buy, KNX can deliver the integration of everything that is electrically supplied in a new building.

We know that KNX can simplify buildings and believe that any well designed modern building should incorporate this technology.

KNX is a non-proprietary, open standard

KNX fully complies with international and regional standards IEC/ISO 14543-3, EN-50090, EN13321-1, EN1332-2, ANSI/ASHRAE 135 and SA/SNZ ISO/IEC TS 14543.3.1-6:2018.

KNX compliant products and solutions present demonstrable differences and advantages from other systems and protocols. Below are some of the key points:

  • All products with the KNX trademark comply with international standards that define the interoperability between products.
  • All KNX products are configured using a common tool, ETS, allowing a single configuration file to be delivered to the building owner. The building control system can then be upgraded by any installer using ETS, at any time in the future.
  • KNX has developed and evolved with emerging technology trends. Manufacturers regularly release new products to keep pace with technology and regulation – for example, the recent trend towards ‘tunable white’ lighting control has been adopted by a number of KNX manufacturers.

KNX is proven and well priced

Environmental building controls using KNX have been delivered for 30 years and will continue to be delivered for the lifetime of the buildings using them.

KNX has been selected as the mission-critical control system for many thousands of projects worldwide, including homes, airports, hospitals, hotels, banks, and offices. Visit www.knx.org for a wide range of reference sites.

KNX is installed in over 60% of all new commercial buildings in Europe and has been adopted as the regional standard in many countries including the USA, China and UAE.

KNX is attractively priced compared to other systems with comparative products and functions. KNX integration and programming time is efficient – reducing the costs of commissioning, and KNX modules take less space in distribution boards than most other systems – saving costs of both ‘real estate’ and hardware.

KNX is private and secure

KNX systems have security built into them.

When installing any technology in your home, you need to be confident that it will work well and that it cannot be compromised by anyone wanting access to your life.

KNX has security built-in from the ground up to protect you from unwanted access through the Internet as well as local access from somebody on your property. With AES-128 encryption KNX has the highest level of security of any building technology system.

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