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What building intelligence will do for you

Optimal comfort in healthy Buildings

Living in healthy buildings is important to our well-being. There are a wide range of sensors to monitor and optimize air quality (CO2), light quality, and water quality to ensure your home is performing optimally.

Building intelligence solutions are ideal for orchestrating the control and monitoring of all the systems in your home – heating/cooling, ventilation and air conditioning system, lighting, water – to ensure they are all working together to deliver the best outcomes.

sustainable energy use

The world uses 40% of its energy making buildings comfortable with light and heating or cooling.  Our houses are a part of this, so making just a small change to your daily energy usage can have a big impact on your overall costs and footprint.

Building intelligence can enable the monitoring and supervisory control of energy sources, including sustainable sources such as solar, and allow the loads, like hot water tanks or swimming pools to be regulated and make the most of sustainable sources.

lighting control 

Light dimming/brightening, colour changing or setting a range of different scenes is easily programmed based on the time of day, temperature or any other setting you want to trigger a certain ambience.

From simple on/off switching to smooth lighting scenes for dining, watching movies or reading you’ll find KNX makes it simple, every time. With careful planning and strategically positioning your sensors, you can make movement and lights work in harmony. Your lighting can also be linked to your security functions to make your house look occupied when you are away.

enhanced decor and usability

There are a huge range of switch styles with easy-to-use functions that make living in and using your house easier and better than a traditionally wired house. From simple and familiar switch styles to unique switches designed just for you.

Building intelligence solutions integrate with Siri, Alexa, Google and other voice-activated systems, making it easy to simply request a change of scene or setting.

window and blind control

Windows, blinds and curtains can be opened/closed based on the temperature, air moisture or at certain times of the day to optimize the room comfort and your security settings.

Internal or external louvres, sun protection and fly screens are also easy to control with KNX.

Pool monitoring and control

Pools and spas can be monitored for temperature or pH and controllers can automatically manage all the pool variables, like chemical introductions, filter timings or heat pumps.

Using KNX to manage the energy that pools and spas consume can save you a lot when they are not being used, and as part of a sustainable home, your pool can be a useful place to store surplus energy from your solar plant.

wine cellar monitoring

Wine cellars require precise temperature and humidity control to keep your wine at its best.

Using a KNX system to monitor your wine cellar and other rooms in your home gives you peace of mind knowing that your settings will be kept constant. The system will also alert you if any abnormalities need to be addressed.

remote control

Smart device apps and building management tools make it easy to manage your home from anywhere.

Having your smart home connected to a single secure KNX network simplifies your ability to monitor and control your home remotely. Using an experienced and qualified integrator will ensure that all the technologies you use are secure and communicate with each other for easy remote management.