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Why use building tech?

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Modern and aesthetically beautiful

Technology is intertwined into our everyday lives, from the devices in our pockets, which used to be only for voice communication, to the vehicle in the driveway that resembles a car but is really a rolling computer.

Most of the technology we use today we use without thinking about it, quite naturally, but only a couple of generations ago this would have all been a mystery. Modern house building techniques are closing the gap between the technology we take for granted in a car and that of our homes, making homes easier to use and better to look at.

New buildings are loaded with modern technology, from the materials used in the roof, to heating systems, to the construction of the thermally efficient windows and the amazing taps in the bathroom. However, planning the electrical system is often not considered a priority in house planning.

Well designed, modern electrics that take advantage of current international standards using products from global companies and award-winning designers deliver beautiful, modern homes that are a pleasure to live in.

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Cost effective

Our houses use 65% of their electricity on heating/cooling and lighting, so by making just small changes to your daily energy usage you can have a big impact on your overall costs and your energy footprint.

By automating how you utilise energy to heat, cool, light and operate a myriad of other devices and functions in your home, you can optimise your energy usage and reduce your costs.

Monitoring a building’s energy usage enables you to see which areas are not being energy efficient. Is it the heating? Is it the cooker? Is it the EV? An intelligent home will monitor your energy usage and help you understand how to improve its use.

An immediate energy saving for most homes is ensuring that the heating and cooling are operating together efficiently when the house is occupied and using less energy when no one is there. A smart home with individual room control will ensure that you are only using energy where and when you need it.

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Convenient and simple to use

How intelligent should my home be? Should it be smarter than me?

Well, probably smarter, but not too clever. Your house should look after you, be useful and reduce your mundane everyday tasks, but not be so clever that you don’t understand what is happening or how to control it.

Lighting is often the starting point for intelligent homes where control of the mood and environment can be made simple from a button push to control a single light, or many lights at the same time, or even the whole house.

Imagine being able to turn off all the lights, adjust the heating, set your security alarm and lock all the doors with just one night-time setting when you retire for the night. Intelligent buildings can do all of that for you, making it simple and convenient for you to live in your home.

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Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Designing a house using intelligent technology defines us as caring for the planet now and for the lifetime of the building.

It’s a decision only you can make, but your commitment to the planet is reflected in all the decisions you make whether it is adding technology to your home to make it more efficient and sustainable, buying a new hybrid or electric car, or recycling your plastic.  It all matters, and it all makes a difference to the environment.

By 2025, the International Energy Agency predicts that renewables will become the largest source of electricity generation worldwide, and solar use has increased 18 times since 2010. Getting the most from a solar installation begins with looking at how much energy is being generated and then using it sensibly to reduce the amount needed from the grid. An intelligent building will take control of that for you by directing any spare energy to heat the pool, charge your EV or send it back to the grid for others to use.

Installing an intelligent building system using globally recognised standards will ensure that the house remains up to date well into the future. These systems can be adapted as the building’s use changes and new functions are needed.

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secure and enable remote control

Staying safe is important in this crowded world where we often don’t even know the people living next door.

We take many precautions in life to protect ourselves and our possessions with insurance, gates, locks, CCTV cameras and even virus protection on our computers.

Modern, intelligent homes can provide secure protection for your property even if you are not there. For example, triggering lights and motion in your home based on the time of day or an alarm being set will go a long way to confusing an intruder.

Controlling your home remotely is also easy to achieve with intelligent building technology. We only work with experts in this field to ensure that the technologies we recommend are secure and cannot be compromised externally. It is unnecessary to take the risk with unproven technologies, you should only trust an expert to get this right for you.

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happy AND healthy

90% of our time is spent inside and most of that is spent in our own homes. When creating a new home, we have a fantastic opportunity to create a home that will look after us.

Building wellness is an important topic for designers and architects who are wanting to create lasting and memorable places to live and work. A well-designed home is able to look after us and ensure that our environment is optimised for our needs.

Intelligent buildings can ensure that the temperature, lighting and air quality of our home can make us feel more alive and in the moment or adjust these settings to match our bodies’ natural rhythms and set us up for a great night’s sleep or provide us with just the right ambient sound to match our mood.

A healthy home is a pleasure to live in.

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