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Choose a style that suits you

Below you will find some ideas from internationally recognised brands. We hope these inspire you and you find a style that will suit your new home.

Basalte is a premium brand that makes elegant and intuitive smart home products.

“People live and touch the technology in their home all the time, so it needs to be perfect. We collaborate closely with architects and interior designers worldwide to ensure the beautiful integration of home technology into any project.” – Basalte

All Basalte products are designed and manufactured in Belgium. Over the past 10 years, Basalte has expanded its product range from switches to now include AV and whole-house control with a range of touchscreens, apps and remote controls.

Visit the Basalte Website

Gira invests heavily in technology and has a strong focus on designing products with clean lines, making them much loved by architects and modern home builders alike.

“Engineering is at the heart of our family company, and we insist on development and production processes that are socially and environmentally sustainable and strive to work in a way that protects our planet and its resources while achieving design and functional perfection.” – Gira

Established in Germany in 1905, Gira is one of the best-known suppliers in the smart building industry.

Visit the Gira website

JUNG is a premium supplier of lighting, blinds, air conditioning, energy, security, door communication and multimedia building technology. The functional diversity of JUNG systems covers all areas of modern electrical installations.

‘Progress as tradition’ is an attitude and at the same time the commitment to constant new thinking. A commitment to the development of ideas that create something new, for easier use, better functionality, more attractive appearance and more customer-friendly service. This motivates and unites us at JUNG. Every day.” – JUNG

When Albrecht Jung founded JUNG in Germany in 1912, three things were important to him: progress, quality and design. These principles have characterised JUNG to date and can be experienced throughout the company.

Visit the JUNG website

The thing that makes Lithoss unique is the practically endless possibilities for their products and their flexibility to deliver the finish, functionality and personalisation that you desire.

“We design, develop and manufacture our design light switches and related products from beginning to end in Belgium. Our designers create and innovate. Passionate experts give shape to their ideas in accordance with industry practices. All of these elements, combined with the fact that we only use premium materials, guarantee that our products are of extremely high quality.” – Lithoss

Do you have a preference for a certain finish? Would you like to have another push button? Maybe one with a personal engraving? With an assorted door handle in compatible dimensions? Lithoss draws inspiration from your desires.

Visit the Lithoss Website

Zennio is one of the most innovative manufacturers with a presence in 117 countries and 10,000+ executed projects.

“We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of affordable and functional KNX automation products for homes, hotels and other commercial buildings.” – Zennio 

Zennio is a Spanish company with a 15-year history committed to the design and production of KNX products, with more than 250 KNX and CE Certified products for both the residential and commercial sectors.

Visit the Zennio Website