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Some of the things that home automation solutions will do for you

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Enhance Your Décor and Usability

There are a huge range of switch styles with easy-to-use functions that make living in and using your house easier and better than a traditionally wired house. From simple and familiar switch styles to unique switches designed just for you.

Air Quality

Wine Cellar Monitoring and Control

Temperature and air quality sensors allow for easy control and monitoring of wine cellars and other specific environments.


Remote Control

Building management tools and apps make it easy to manage your home from anywhere in the world.


Building Wellness

Living in healthy buildings is important to our wellbeing. There are a wide range of sensors to monitor and optimize air quality (Co2), light quality, and water quality to ensure your home is performing optimally.


Optimal Comfort

Building intelligence solutions are ideal for controlling any kind of heating/cooling, ventilation and air conditioning system.
Play Video Why use building tech?

Why use building tech?

Our cars, phones and lives are packed with the latest technology, yet we mostly wire buildings the same way we did in 1950 and expect them to perform differently. This site aims to introduce you to building intelligence and what it can do for you.

Intelligent buildings are:

Modern and beautiful

Modern house building techniques are closing the gap between the technology we take for granted in cars and that of our homes, making homes better to use and look at.

Cost effective

Imagine saving 25% of the power in your home simply by letting the house be in control of the climate for you – turning lights and heating or cooling on only when they are needed.

Convenient and simple to use

Intelligent buildings make life easier by automating a huge range of building functions, such as lighting, shading, heating/cooling, AV, security and access. Each one of these functions might not sound like a lot in themselves, but every little bit adds up to making your life a whole lot easier.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Using the technology that is currently available to us to minimise our impact on the environment demonstrates that we care about the planet now and over the lifetime of each new building.

Secure and enable remote control

Intelligent building technology gives you the tools to secure your property while you are living in it and when you are away from it.

Happy and Healthy

Healthy homes automatically adjust the environment to optimise airflow, temperature, lighting and ambience to match your mood.

Why We Prefer KNX

Why we prefer KNX

Why would you not install the ‘best in class’ building technology?

About Ivory Egg

We are here to help you turn your ideas into reality – simply, easily and affordably.

Trusted Independent Advisors

We operate independently from manufacturers, suppliers and installers delivering truly independent advice on all aspects of building intelligence.

Years of Experience

For more than 15 years, we have provided the latest building intelligence knowledge, advice and training for electrical integrators to guide their planning and installation of smart building systems.

Bespoke Solutions

We work with our customers’ ideas and budgets to advise on the best solutions for their unique needs.


Lighting Control

Light dimming/brightening, colour changing or setting a range of different scenes is easily programmed based on the time of day, temperature or any other setting your want to trigger a certain ambience.


Window and Blind Control

Windows, blinds and curtains can be opened/closed based on the temperature, air moisture or at certain times time of the day to optimize the room comfort and your security settings. Internal or external louvres, sun protection and fly screens are also easy to control.


Pool Monitoring and Control

Pools and spas can be monitored for temperature or pH and controllers can automatically manage all the pool variables, like chemical introductions or heat pump control.


Sustainable Energy Use

Building intelligence can enable the monitoring and supervisory control of energy sources, including sustainable sources such as solar, and allowing the loads, like hot water tanks or swimming pools to be regulated and make the most of sustainable sources.


Voice Activation

Building intelligence solutions integrate with Siri, Alexa, Google and other voice activated systems, making it easy to simply request a change of scene or setting.
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Before the first brick is laid on any new building in today’s modern world, the infrastructure for controlling that building MUST be added to the design. WIFI simply isn’t enough.

In practice the system we recommend most often is KNX. KNX is the only international standard for building control, backed by 30 years of building control excellence. With over 250 million products installed around the world, you can be confident your KNX installation will stand the test of time.

KNX systems operate on a standardised bus cable and use a common language, allowing different products to work together to control all aspects of a building, such as lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, blinds and shutters, security and door communication systems, audio and video, and energy metering. With KNX you will no longer have problems with isolated devices or systems not communicating with each other.

About Ivory Egg

Ivory Egg is here to guide you from your concept right through to the moment you delight in your intelligent new home. We provide advice to you, your architect or designer, and, when you are ready, we will introduce you to a local experienced installer.

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